Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How The Ultimate Body Applicator Works

This explains how the Wrap it...then come back and order from a box of 4 for $59 (retail$99) for loyal customers.

Instructions on Wrapping

Here are the instructions on how to get the most of out your wrapping experience:
1. Take a hot shower before you wrap to open the pores. Make sure that you DRY the area completely before you wrap. Lotion, moisturizers, soaps, and other products should NOT be used in the area you're about to wrap. Avoid Dove body wash. Stop using these products at least 2 days before wrapping and refrain from using them for 72 hours after. The wraps work by absorbing into your pores,these other products block and tighten up your pores. Please do not take a shower for 12 hours after you take the wrap off

2. Use the cling wrap to secure your body wrap into place. We don't want you to sweat, but the wraps will move around if they aren't fastened down with something. Also, you want that little bit of extra pressure to help push the gel into your pores

3. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water on the first day you wrap, and drink that same amount of water for the next two days after wrapping.(ex - if you weighed 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water a day.) The water will help the toxins from your fat cells be flushed out of your body more easily. When you are wearing the wrap for the first hour, drink two full bottles of water during that time to get things moving. Only drinking some water isn't enough! Water has to be 100% of your liquids for 72 hours, and it must be the appropriate amount. Don't be tempted to drink alcohol, pop, or anything else!

4. After removing your wrap, rub any excess gel into your skin in a circular motion. This will help encourage your fat cells to shrink and your skin to tighten further, even after your wrap off! I would advise you to wait 12hrsbefore your next shower. If your wrap area is slippery when it gets wet, that is your gel is going right down the drain. Test this by wetting your hand and rubbing it across the area before getting the area fully soaked.

5. Recording your results: You Must use fabric tape measure. You also must make the mark your body with a sharpie on the three areas you measured -or else you will never measure in the same place twice. Measure your upper abs,middle, and lower abs. (remember to mark them and write down the measurements accordingly)

6. Avoid fried/greasy foods right before wrapping, or within 72 hours after. The wrap is already busy fighting off your old toxins - you don't want to add any new ones! Try to eat as "clean" and healthy as possible for at least the next 72 hours after you wrap.

7. If you smoke - QUIT. There are so many toxins in cigarette smoke,that it will negatively affect your results.

That's it! All you have to do next is ENJOY YOUR AMAZING RESULTS!!!

Whatcan be wrapped at one time?

You CAN NOT wrap thefollowing at the same time:
1. Stomach & Back
2. Stomach & Thighs
3. Stomach & Butt
4. Back & Thighs
5. Back & Butt
6. Thigh & Butt
7. Thighs & Back

You CAN wrap the following at the same time:
1. Stomach & face (only with the facial wrap)
2. Stomach & upper arms
3. Stomach & lower legs
4. Stomach & neck/chin
5. Back & face (only with the facial wrap)
6. Back & upper arms
7. Back & lower legs
8. Back & neck/chin
9. Thighs & face (only with the facial wrap)
10. Thighs & upper arms
11. Thighs & lower legs
12. Thighs & neck/chin
13. Butt & face (only with the facial wrap)
14. Butt & upper arms
15. Butt & lower legs
16. Butt & neck/chin

You CANwrap both thighs using 1 wrap per each thigh at the same time.
You CANwrap both butt cheeks using 1 wrap per each cheek at the same time.

You can also cut the wraps to fit anywhere there is fat.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How does the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap work?

These non-woven cloth wraps are infused with a powerful, botanically based formula that help the lymphatic system rid the body of toxins and pollutants. The It Works! body applicator is different from other wraps because it is not water loss. Drinking water actually helps the detoxification process. Once applied, the cream on the wrap is absorbed into the skin for no less than 45 minutes. This natural cellulite treatmentwithdraws toxins from fat cells (thus shrinking them) and delivers maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin. It is quite common to continue to lose inches up to 72 hours after the wrap has been removed. These inches can be maintained with continued used and proper hydration.

Continued used of the body contouring wrap applicators hydrates for firmer, smoother, more  youthful-looking skin and help to reduce the appearance of unsightly celluliteand loose skin. The Ultimate Body Applicator can be applied to the stomach, arms, legs,back, and sides (love handles). The Chin/Neck applicator was designed specifically to fit the chin and neck area.

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