Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Win A Box of It Works Ultimate Body Applicator's Giveaway

Have you tried that Crazy Wrap Thing?  Would you like try a It Works Wrap? The Ultimate Body Applicator has been featured at celebrity events like the Emmy and Oscar Awards celebrity gift suites! As many of you know I am an It Works consultant and love these products. I am giving away a full treatment of our body wraps. That means one box with 4 wraps in it to one lucky winner. Have you heard about these wraps & always wanted to try them? Now is your chance! Never heard of it? Watch the video below to learn more about it. It is a fantastic wrap you can use at home in as little as 45 minutes to tone, tighten & firm. It Works also offers a great opportunity to hop into a company with nearly 500% growth in 2012 alone. Only $99 to sign up to be a distributor with It Works, and that includes a box of 4 skinny wraps! What a great and fun way to cash in on some extra cash! Want to become a distributor? Here is the link:

 Eligibility: Open to legal residents of Usa excluding Alaska and Hawaii 18+ Any Current It Works! distributors and loyal customers that are signed up already are disqualified from this contest so that the people that really need my help can get it. If you sign up under me during the contest as a loyal customer you still would be qualified to win. Also be sure to do all the entries in the rafflecopter as I will be checking.

To enter the giveaway fill out the Rafflecopter Below

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make Money!!

Your SEO optimized title page contents

Start you own business in the Apps Industry

Over 1.422 Million members since April 2013

This is what's new in Tech...and it's going to be huge

You may have heard or you may not have heard of a new company and platform gaining in popularity called Rippln.

This of the people, by the people, and for the people company is revolutionizing how apps, products, websites, services, etc. will be distributed online and offline.

Where the end users were usually left out of the profit equation, they are now able to get paid for the value that they bring to the marketplace by starting their very own social sharing business on the Rippln platform.

Rippln's new technology has the ability to track an individuals social graph as it stands today and as it grows tomorrow...On Facebook, this is called your friends list, and for Facebook, tech companies, and the companies that sell hard goods, this list has a monetary value. An anticipated expected return based on the size of the average friends list which is approx. 235 - 250 friends.

You share and they make money in the millions and in some cases billion of dollars range, but in the past, we have been cut out!

What if you could get paid for that?

A company has founded, developed, engineered and innovated the marketplace as we know it, and now has a way to track your social influence and as it grows on this new Incentivized Social App and Product Sharing Platform and that company is RIPPLN!

Instead of you only getting to spend your money, you can get paid for all the commerce happening, in what Rippln calls, your "ripple effect" aka your social graph, which is exponentially larger than what you can see on Facebook...It is INFINITE.

Contact me at for an invite code.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Is Holding You Back?

What is holding you back from getting on the road to financial freedom? Do not allow fear and doubt hold you back!! Take the leap of faith and join my team today. Get started to get in to make that Christmas Bonus!! 

You could earn up to $1000 by December!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Believe that you can and you are halfway there!

What’s holding you back? Self doubt? Fear of failure? Fear of success? All of the above? The first step to reaching your goal is believing in yourself. YOU are your biggest competition. YOU are your biggest roadblock. Get out of your own way and you will begin to move forward. 

Instead of dwelling on what you don’t do well, focus on your abilities. Be positive. Go with your strengths. Maybe you are a giver, a good listener, a people person. Whatever you do well is your place to begin. Have confidence in your abilities and you will move forward toward your goals. If you dwell on the negatives, you will be stuck where you are now. Make a choice. Be brave and just do it! It’s a little scary, yes, but what’s even scarier is thinking that a year from now you will still be where you are today. Take a chance and believe in yourself!

I believe that you have strengthsMaybe you do not see them yet. I would love to help you discover your strengths and build a business of your own. I am working on building my It Works Team! Team's help each other succeed! Are you interested in being your own boss, helping others get healthy and making your own hours? Why not consider becoming an independent distributor? For only $99 you will get a website, a box of 4 wraps and some marketing materials to get you started. It is a no risk opportunity if you sell those 4 wraps for $25 each you already paid for your investment! Join my team today!

Who Owns Your Time?

Does your commute look like this?
Who owns your time?  Who do you work for?  Do you work for a boss?  Do they have a boss?  And do they have a boss?  Well frankly if you take any organizational chart out there for a company…you have a pyramid. One person at the top and a gradually expanding workforce below them.  Guess the same is for a network marketing company…without one small change.  If one of my teammates wants to make more money than I do…he/she can do that so easily.  I am not promoted just because my team works  harder or stronger than me.  I am promoted because I WORK HARDER and SMARTER

Some people enjoy this 8-5 daily grind.  Some people enjoy the 2 hours or more they spend in the car traveling to and from their day job.  Some people enjoy the desk they work at, the company they work for, or the job they do.  AWESOME!
I am not looking for those people.  I am looking for people that have decided that they HATE this daily grind.  That they want something else.  That they strive for financial freedom and a debt free lifestyle sooner than the normal retirement age of 60-70. I want driven people who don’t want this type of commute.  This type of lifestyle is not there dream world AND they are willing to take a leap of faith and join my It Works team and shrink people all over the world with these CRAZY WRAP THINGS!
Ready to join my team or just to learn more?  Looking for a Bonus that can change your life? Contact me at or sign up here

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Earn Cash for Christmas

 We give Bonuses to Wrap Your Way To  A New You so they can have a debt free Christmas!
Our bonuses are a one time CASH payment in addition to all commissions, cash and other weekly bonuses that are earn while working your own Wrap Business in the months of October, November and December. These Bonuses are available to anyone already in the business or for those interested in joining my team.
Don’t pay for Christmas this year. Dont go into further debt by buying Christmas on your credit card like millions of others, only to be left with a knot in your stomach at the beginning of the year because of that pile of debt. We want to you be able to buy things for your children and not have to worry about HOW your going to pay it off. That is not a good feeling. By the time you get it paid off Christmas rolls around again. Its a vicious cycle that so many are stuck in. I can help you!
This business is loads of fun and is a great way to earn extra cash if you are trying to make ends meet. Its a Win Win. However, If your not careful this will lead to a debt free lifestyle. Let me mentor you and show you how easy it is to build a side business right from home. No experience necessary. Part Time. Full Time or Spare Time. It’s Time!
 I want YOU on my TEAM!! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Does Your Company Pay You Early?

The Company I work for It Works Global Does. Contact me on how you can enroll today.
Get Started Today!! The Holidays are fast approaching!! Get in SOON!! The company even has Bonuses!! Running a promotion for Christams.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Look At What 1 Box Of Wraps Did For Her

Want to tighten and tone and firm? You really need to try a box of Ultimate Body Applicators! 1 Box has 4 wraps.



6 reasons why you will succeed with It Works:

1) 3 weekly conference calls (not mandatory but very helpful!) with all the inside info, motivation, and trainingdirectly from corporate!
2) Team support pages on FB for all of your urgent questions and fellowship!
3) No sales quotas or deadlines...move at your own pace!
4) A compensation plan that pays you daily, weekly AND monthly!
5) A $500 monthly income guarantee! (unlimited income potential..this is just for the first TWO months!!
6) The ability to run your business for FREE!

Join One Of The Fastest Growing Companies

It Works Global was named top company for growth and momentum in April 2013 in the Us.
It Works is Expanding!! Join my team!!

Looking For A Couple Of Motivated People

I need a FEW distributors in every state! If you would be interested in making some extra cash or enough to quit your job, message the page! Or add me as a friend for more info! I can tell you how you can earn $800 in bonuses right away, PLUS COMMISSION!

Do You Suffer From Joint Pain?

If so we have something for that. Try our relief and get back to feeling good. I use this for knee pain after my runs. My knees finally feel great.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ultimate Profit

Add the delicious flavors of fall to Ultimate ProFIT's smarter blend of protein and fiber for a sweet start to your day!
What you could benefit form using the Ultimate ProFIT:

  • Quicker post-workout recovery
  • Build lean muscle mass with fewer calories
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Mood-elevating energy with maca and cacao powder.
  • Healthy digestion with seven different soluble and insoluble fibers
  • Maximum bioavailability in every gram
  • Non-hormonal and non-GMO whey and soy proteins
  • No artificial sweeteners added      

Saturday, October 5, 2013

10 Foods that Burn Fat

1. Oats : Its not only tastes great but also reduces your hunger. Oats contains fiber which helps and stabilizes the levels of cholesterol.

2. Eggs : Eggs are the rich sources of proteins and low in calories. Eggs helps us to build the muscles and develops the good cholesterol.

3. Apples : Apples are enriched with powerful antioxidants and other supplements. Most import
antly it contains Pectin which helps to reduce the fat cells in the body.

4. Green Chillies : Green chillies contains Capsaicin which helps to develop the body growth cells and burns the calories in quick time.

5. Garlic : Garlic contains Allicin which has anti-bacterial properties helps us to reduce the fat and removes the bad cholesterol.

6. Honey : Honey is the best one to burn fat. Add honey in warm water and drink it daily in the early morning. It can be added to tea or put it on some toast.

7. Green Tea : Green Tea is the most effective one which helps you to lose weight. It contains antioxidants which helps and stabilizes our body weight. Drink 2 cups a day for best results.

8. Wheat Grass : It boosts your metabolism and helps to reduce the fat.

9. Tomatoes : Tomatoes help us to burn the fat and also helps to prevent cancer.

10. Dark Chocolate : Dark chocolate contains Flavonoids, anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood. It boosts serotonin in the blood and also burns the fat.

Debt Free Christmas

Who wants to have a Cash Christmas?!?!? We just announced our new Christmas Cash promotion!!! Come join our team and you too can have a DEBT FREE CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do You Have?

Try it you will be amazed! No matter what you try!

Thinking About A Tummy Tuck?

Are you thinking about a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction or even Botox Do you wear Shapewear? Stop wasting your money! Try It Works Crazy Wrap Thing first! It will save you thousands of dollars with absolutely no recovery time!!!

Extra Cash For The Holidays

Starting October with a boom! Bringing on 2 new teammates! Looking for 3 more who are ready to start this life changing journey! $99 investment will truly change your life!!
contact me today!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Take The Leap Of Faith

Who wants to take a deep breath and just dive in Take the Leap of Faith? I will help guide you every step of the way First we will set you a launch party, second work on getting you the four l
oyal customers you need for your free product, three start working to build your own team and helping them with the same steps!!!
To easy right..... Lets do this you have nothing to lose you pay the $99 enrollment fee but you get a box of four wraps you sell for $25 each you have your money back, we get you your four loyal customers were making sure your auto-ship is paid for with your commission! It’s a win win!!!!
Not to mention we have a amazing support team and tons of help whenever you need it!

Here is my web site Join our Family Today! Click on link below. 

Tropical Detox Smoothie

Here is a recipe for a Tropical Detox Smoothie


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