Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How does the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap work?

These non-woven cloth wraps are infused with a powerful, botanically based formula that help the lymphatic system rid the body of toxins and pollutants. The It Works! body applicator is different from other wraps because it is not water loss. Drinking water actually helps the detoxification process. Once applied, the cream on the wrap is absorbed into the skin for no less than 45 minutes. This natural cellulite treatmentwithdraws toxins from fat cells (thus shrinking them) and delivers maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin. It is quite common to continue to lose inches up to 72 hours after the wrap has been removed. These inches can be maintained with continued used and proper hydration.

Continued used of the body contouring wrap applicators hydrates for firmer, smoother, more  youthful-looking skin and help to reduce the appearance of unsightly celluliteand loose skin. The Ultimate Body Applicator can be applied to the stomach, arms, legs,back, and sides (love handles). The Chin/Neck applicator was designed specifically to fit the chin and neck area.

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