Friday, October 18, 2013

Who Owns Your Time?

Does your commute look like this?
Who owns your time?  Who do you work for?  Do you work for a boss?  Do they have a boss?  And do they have a boss?  Well frankly if you take any organizational chart out there for a company…you have a pyramid. One person at the top and a gradually expanding workforce below them.  Guess the same is for a network marketing company…without one small change.  If one of my teammates wants to make more money than I do…he/she can do that so easily.  I am not promoted just because my team works  harder or stronger than me.  I am promoted because I WORK HARDER and SMARTER

Some people enjoy this 8-5 daily grind.  Some people enjoy the 2 hours or more they spend in the car traveling to and from their day job.  Some people enjoy the desk they work at, the company they work for, or the job they do.  AWESOME!
I am not looking for those people.  I am looking for people that have decided that they HATE this daily grind.  That they want something else.  That they strive for financial freedom and a debt free lifestyle sooner than the normal retirement age of 60-70. I want driven people who don’t want this type of commute.  This type of lifestyle is not there dream world AND they are willing to take a leap of faith and join my It Works team and shrink people all over the world with these CRAZY WRAP THINGS!
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