Friday, October 18, 2013

Believe that you can and you are halfway there!

What’s holding you back? Self doubt? Fear of failure? Fear of success? All of the above? The first step to reaching your goal is believing in yourself. YOU are your biggest competition. YOU are your biggest roadblock. Get out of your own way and you will begin to move forward. 

Instead of dwelling on what you don’t do well, focus on your abilities. Be positive. Go with your strengths. Maybe you are a giver, a good listener, a people person. Whatever you do well is your place to begin. Have confidence in your abilities and you will move forward toward your goals. If you dwell on the negatives, you will be stuck where you are now. Make a choice. Be brave and just do it! It’s a little scary, yes, but what’s even scarier is thinking that a year from now you will still be where you are today. Take a chance and believe in yourself!

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